Our Salon and Philosophy

Sprout Salon Spa, located in the 5 Mile neighborhood of North Spokane, is an AVEDA Concept Salon Spa that features innovative artists that will conceive a look that caters to your lifestyle. You can count on our dedicated professionals at Sprout to help you choose the perfect AVEDA products to suit your specific needs.

As an Aveda Concept Salon Spa, we carry Aveda’s philosophies. Their Mission mandates excellence in caring for our communities, requiring us to act responsibly and with sensitivity. To achieve excellence across our commitments, we continuously improve our efforts to:

  • Help our employees achieve the performance excellence and professional growth they desire while respecting work-life balance, fair compensation and supportive benefits
  • Assure that our products contain the highest quality ingredients obtained from the most sustainable sources available
  • Work with our suppliers to assure — through life-cycle assessment and other means — that our materials, ingredients, packaging and products are responsibly produced and delivered
  • Align our giving — financial, in-kind and volunteer — to touch communities where we do business — from sourcing ingredients to delivering products and services — in ways that are relevant to the nature of our business
  • Listen to, learn from and share experiences with key stakeholders in order to assure that we are responsive to important community issues and that we share our learning and successes widely to fully leverage them

To review all our policies, please visit the Salon Policies & Gift Card Terms page.

Sprout Salon Spa at night. Aveda Aroma
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